miércoles, 16 de agosto de 2006

Verde, porque sí!

Un dibujito nuevo.

Another drawing.

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Let The Air Out dijo...

We are recruiting people (anyone is welcome) who have an interest in protecting the environment. We are planning a several hour protest in major U.S. cities, but would like to make the protest international if possible. Please let me know if you are interested in joining or can help in anyway.

All help is greatly appreciated,
Let The Air Out Campaign

MiJa dijo...

oi... she is so precious! The colors and layout all work so well together. Her face and hair are awesome (for lack of better words!)

Gabrielle dijo...

Lovely image! I like how design elements are incorporated into the scene.

ultravioleta dijo...

"Quien con verde se atreve por guapa se tiene" dicen en mi pueblo :D